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ecommerce, ux/ui, product design, user research, information architecture, logo & brand design, prototyping, usability testing

Tangere is a concept project for a new eCommerce marketplace where artists sell their work on and connect with their customers. Tangere aims to avoid the over-saturation of other art markets, while allowing lesser-known artists to set up shop and display their work for sale. Products are limited to wall art and sculpture; no crafts, vintage goods, or craft supplies, as seen on Etsy-esc sites. While there is no price limit for art pieces, the typical buyers have budgets under $1000. The platform is accessible, yet high quality, for up-and-coming artists and art collectors on a budget.

my role...

Tangere is a completely fresh concept that needed to built from scratch. My task was to identify how Tangere may fill a niche that is lacking in the Arts eCommerce industry. I conducted user research to inform my product and interaction design. I then developed a brand identity and logo that would compliment the design. Finally I created high fidelity prototypes of the site that were tested and refined via usability testing.

Based on my secondary and primary research, I identified a gap in the arts market for up-and-coming artists who want to sell their work, and younger art enthusiasts who don't want to break their bank. Higher-end art markets are often exclusive and very expensive, while sites like Etsy that offer cheaper prices are oversaturated and less impersonal.

  • tangere is...
  • artists’ personal story & expression
  • an intimate exchanges between buyers & sellers
  • the connection between art lovers
  • socially ethical & environmentally responsible
  • transparent
  • tangere is not...
  • overwhelming & oversaturated
  • snobby
  • curated & exclusive
  • tacky
  • greedy

Artists have the opportunity to express themselves by designing their personal shop pages, and are encouraged to post videos of their process, tell their story, and share insights on their art. This gives buyers an outlet to feel connected to their favorite artists. A casual messaging platform allows sellers and buyers to communicate about pieces directly, fostering a community on the site that feels truly like a virtual marketplace or gallery. All profit from art sales go directly to artists.

and so...

Tangere is an eCommerce project that taught me how to design more complex systems that had to be applied throughout the site page and into the checkout flow. Tangere is also a marketplace, which requires even more attention to detail, because each vendor differs from the next. While I didn't design for the vendor-side of Tangere, I dove deep into the intricacies of designing for marketplaces and understand the need to for a design to stretch across both groups of users, the buyers and the sellers.

Tangere demonstrates much of my philosophy in UX; design can be modular, simple, and usable while pushing boundaries and creating a unique, striking user experience. The feedback I received from usability testing helped me learn when it is appropriate to add unique features, and when it is not. For example, I ultimately replaced swipe events for touch events in the interaction design to mitigate user confusion and reliance on memory, and to avoid conflicts in native mobile interaction designs.

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