I'm Josie Allison,

it's nice to meet you

I was born and raised in the mountains of Idaho and currently live near the waves in San Diego. I am a compulsive doodler, a life-long artist, and a lover of all things creative.
My curiosity for the human and the creative led me to earn degrees in Graphic Design and International Studies, brought me to many corners of this globe, and taught me about the remarkable intersection of the human experience and visual communication.
I have worked as an editorial designer, UX designer, brand designer, and web designer, and have experience working with a range of clients, budgets, and goals.
My approach to design is daring, meticulous, and playful. I aim to intrigue, entice, and move people through my work.
When I’m not designing, I might be drawing, surfing, cooking, skiing, or exploring the great outdoors.