Slurp // Ux & ui DESIGN


UX & UI Design

UX/UI DESIGN, graphic design, digital illustration,
FIGMA, adobe illustrator,

Slurp is a locally-owned ramen shop in San Francisco. The restaraunt’s website was outdated and unimpressionable. I was tasked to recreate their website’s landing page. I completed this project in my first week of Designlab’s Foundations course. I created all of the illustrations myself in addition to the site design.

My design aimed to energetic, impressionable, and exciting despite its simplicity. It captures the attention of potential customers with memorable, enticing visual design, while keeping the format simple and straightforward, assuring users can easily access important information.

Desktop Landing page

My final design is bold despite its simplicity. I wanted to assure the site is memorable and interesting. The designs evoke a modern, playful energy that sets it apart from other restaurants. The striking visual design doesn't distract from the users' direct needs. Users can easily browse the menu and/or order online. The design makes these tasks enjoyable, and seamless.

I knew that telling the owner’s story was important for the restaurant goals and helps distinguish the business. On the desktop site, my design encourages the user to read about why and how Toshio started Slurp Ramen. However, if the user wants to quickly access the menu or ordering screens, CTA buttons appear immediately at the top of the page.

iOS mobile app

On the mobile site, I simplified the design by condensing the navigation menu to a hamburger menu. I kept the ramen illustration, without the large letters on the desktop version. To ensure efficiency on mobile for users on the go, I moved Toshio’s story to a separate screen, accessible through the hamburger navigation.

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