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NTS Live Video

UX & UI Design

ux/ui, user research, User persona, information architecture, prototyping, usability testing, figma

NTS Radio is a global online radio/music platform with stations around the globe that broadcast live DJ sets and shows 24/7. Users can explore past sets and search by genre, artist, or radio host. If they find something they like, users may follow a host or save an episode. The company aims to cultivate a culture of exploration, creativity, and connection with music, both within the company and within its users. “Music discovery is at our core and we want to continue to make that our focus for deep music lovers, or for people who want something new.”

I was tasked with integrating a video streaming feature into the platform to allow some episodes to be filmed and broadcasted live to its users. A video streaming and chat feature would build on NTS’s principles of creativity and connection. Users would be able to have a more intimate connection with the hosts by putting and face and personality to the name on the screen. It would also enhance the excitement of having bigger names in the music world on as guest hosts, like Jamie XX or Yaejii.

I conducted secondary research and competitve analysis to determine if this feature would satisfy user and company goals. I integrated the feature into the NTS architecture and created high-fidelity mockups and prototypes with the video feature. Finally, I put my work to test and ran usability tests with real users.

Final NTS Live Video feature designs
and so...

Adding a the live video feature to NTS expanded my abilities to work towards pre-defined company goals and user interests. NTS already has a robust and successful site with many different attractive features. In order to contribute meaningfully to their platform, I had to dive deep into the company's history and its long-term mission. I conducted a detailed competitive analysis to understand what sets NTS and its listeners apart.

Additionally, I was challenged by maintaining NTS's old-school, no-frills style, which is very successful and impactful, while modernizing their chat room and incorporating more detail into my live video feature. I was limited to a a strict, black and white color palette with no hover state colors.

My final chat design plays off this early 2000s look and remains fairly basic, but adds much more depth to the user experience. The video feature icons that identify the viewing options are very unembellished but successfully convey their functionality.

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