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Keep PDX...
Sticker Collection

Graphic Design & Digital Illustration

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Keep Portland... is a sticker collection inspired by the city of Portland, Oregon.  I was tasked with creating a sticker pack that portrayed the essence of the city. My design nods to Portland’s tattoo culture, and each sticker contains a variety of imagery that symbolize the unique characteristics of Portland.

“Keep Portland Thirsty” focuses on the city’s ample breweries and well-known beer culture. At the bottom of the scene, the hops plants more specifically nod to IPA beer, which Portlanders lover so much.

“Keep Portland Queer” celebrates Portland’s LGBTQA community, with a drag queen as the main subject. The rain reflects the city’s notoriously wet weather, and below the subject the roses reference Portland’s nickname, the City of Roses.

“Keep Portland Cozy” is about the city’s coffee and book culture. The subject is inside on a rainy day, and in the foreground there is one of the city’s many spiders taking shelter with him.

“Keep Portland Fresh” references Portland’s health and food culture, and the city’s farmer’s markets. In the background I included Mount Hood.

The design depicts a unique, but recognizable image of Portland. The design appeals to both visitors looking for a souvenir, and locals who want something to celebrate their city’s unique personality. The designs are a playful, humorous, and elegant homage to Portland.

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